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From pregnancy to parenthood

Parenthood encompasses a range of challenges, from the anticipation of welcoming a child through pregnancy to navigating the complexities of raising children at different stages.

The support of therapy can provide a safe haven for expectant parents to discuss fears, address expectations, and navigate the transformative path to matrescence and patrescence (specifically when far from home). It offers a confidential outlet to express fears, concerns, and doubts that may be difficult to share with others. A therapist can help expectant parents explore these strong feelings, understand their origins, and develop coping strategies to alleviate stress and promote emotional well-being.

For those already set in parenthood, whether wrangling young children or guiding teenagers, the overwhelming demands can lead to burnout and strained familial relationships. The guidance of parenting therapy becomes a crucial pillar in this journey, offering insights to manage stress, communication, and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies raising a family.

Among these individual challenges, family therapy stands as an invaluable tool to fortify connections. By addressing communication breakdowns, conflicts, and transitions such as divorce or weddings, family therapy strengthens the bonds between family members. 

Parental BurnOut

Does it sometimes feel like life is a daily, exhausting, fight no matter how much you love your children ? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, your cup is always half full, and you are running out of patience, strength, and flexibility ? Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are no longer the parent you used to be or want to be ?

Children are an important source of fulfilment and joy for their parents. At the same time, they may also be a source of exhaustion for some parents. (These emotions can co-exist, and it is possible to love your children, yet feel exhausted in your role as a parent).

Parental burnout is a state of chronic exhaustion that arises from the consistent stress and emotional drain associated with raising children. It occurs when the demands of parenthood consistently exceed a parent’s resources, leaving them feeling depleted and unable to cope effectively. While some level of stress is inherent in parenting, burnout goes beyond that, negatively impacting both the parent’s well-being and their ability to provide nurturing care for their children.

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This prevention workshop is made for you to understand parental burnout but also to focus on your level of fatigue and stress in your role as a parent.
In small group we are going to discuss, connect and find keys to feel better and build a balance between stress and ressources.

Who is this prevention workshop for ?

  • You are a dad, a mom or a caregiver and you feel exhausted, stressed, you sometimes want to go away, or feel disconnect with your children or family.
  • You are a parent and you want to know and understand more about how you might feel.
  • You want advices and guidance in balancing stress in your parental journey.
  • You know a mom, a dad or a caregiver who is exhausted, stressed and might be suffering.

Each participant will benefit from the experience of other parents and their listening.

You will discover what weighs the most in your balance. What is pulling your energy down and what are your existing resources or how to add new ones.

Please contact me for informations about dates, time and location. 

Prepare yourself for the journey of parenting with Prepped to Parent – a comprehensive in-person program designed to guide you through the essential aspects beyond childbirth. This resource covers a wide array of topics, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the early stages of parenthood effectively.

  • Breastfeeding foundations
  • Baby medical basics
  • Preparing for postpartum
  • Mental health from pregnancy to postpartum

Join us in The Hague for four sessions in English. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a community and build a strong support system for your parenting journey.


A “Positive Birth Story Circle” is being part of a group where moms/dads and moms/dads to-be come together to share their positive birth experiences. The primary purpose of such a circle is to create a supportive and encouraging environment to discuss childbirth in a way that promotes feelings of confidence, connection, and well-being.

Here’s what it looks like: 

  1. Supportive Space: A welcoming environment for sharing uplifting birth experiences. Guided by a therapist to maintain positivity.

  2. Diverse Stories: Inclusive of various birth experiences.

  3. Empathy and Connection: Participants offer support and validation to each other.

  4. Visual Aids: Art, affirmations, or symbols to enhance the atmosphere.

  5. Guest Experts: Occasional speakers to provide insights and knowledge.

  6. Follow-Up Resources: Recommendations for ongoing support and education.

Please contact me for informations about dates, time and location. 

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