Oui Can Talk – Therapy



You can find here answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question please find all my contact informations here.

At Ouicantalk practice, I can offer help to children, teenagers, adults, care givers and family. You do not need a referal from your doctor or a diagnosis letter to start therapy with me. Please contact your health insurance company regarding conditions of refund before you start consulting at my practice. 

My practice is unable to assist in case of emergency where more accurate help is needed. To access emergency mental health care please contact your GP/Huisarts who will be able to refer you to the appropriate service. 


I do not work with the following situation (also considered as emergency) : strong suicidal, severe anorexia, severe aggression, severe addiction disorder and psychotic features.

I do not offer a free consultation, however I propose a free 15min call to determine your need, if I might help you. This call is also there for you to found out if you would like to schedule an intake at my practice. I believe that it’s important for a positive experience in therapy that we both feel confortable working with each other. 

If you are sure of what you want you can directly plan an intake, you can contact me via the contact form, email, or phone call. I will get back to you in the following 48H. 

If you need to get more information before you schedule an intake session, we can plan a free 15 min phone call


I do not work with a waiting list. I will do my best to schedule a first intake session in the 10 days after you contact me. You can plan to start regular sessions 2-3 weeks after this initial consultation.

There’s no rules in therapy. During the initial consultation we can determine together the number of session we both agree on doing together. This can change depends on your expectations, availabilities, financial situation, the development of your therapy. Nothing is set in stone.

I offer different types of consultation. I often do not work longer than 40 min with children. 

For teenagers and adults consultation you pay for a 60′ session – this include a 50′ one on one talk and 10′ indirect therapy. This is the time I need to do some administration work related to your session. 

I propose a longer consultation for couple and family. This varies depending on how many people participate to this session. It is important that everyone has time to express, listen and share. 

This is a question I often get asked but unfortunatly there’s no general answer. It varies depending on each individual. That’s why it is important to schedule an intake before you start therapy with any psychologist. I might not be the person that you need, I might propose a different approach that the one you are looking for, you might not feel confortable in my practice… Those are questions you need to ask yourself and ask me during our first consultation. 

At the moment I do not have a contract with Health Insurance Providers. As a private practice, this means that you will be the one covering the fee and you will have to look for potential refund yourself. This do not mean that you can’t get any coverage of your therapy cost. Some international and dutch health insurance propose full or partial reimboursement. However these can differs depending on your insurance plan. 

Therapy is confidential, I do not share information about you and our work together. All the information that you share with me will stay between us. I also do not share confidential information with your health insurance provider unless this has been discussed together in advance. 


However there’s certain situation where I do need to share certain informations : 

  • You give me written consent to share some informations 
  • I get ordered to share by court of law. 
  • In certain situation where I have to break confidentiality, for example if someone or yourself is in imminent danger. I will of course try to communicate aboute these with you before. I invite you to read full Terms and condition, here.