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Cancelation & Health Insurance

Please note

  • It is always possible to change an appointment in the limit of my availability. And of course you can cancel your appointment. However every session that isn’t cancelled 48 hours in advance will be considered due to be paid. 
  • Please consult your health insurance regarding the refund of the fee. As a private practice I do not work with health insurance provider, however this do not mean you can’t get reimbursed. Some international health care provider (Cigna, BUPA etc…) can provide partial refund until a certain amount per year. It does mean that you have to cover the fee and seek for potential refund yourself. I advice you to reach out to your insurance company and inquire about this giving them my NIP number. 
Adult Therapy
Children Therapy
Couple & Familly Therapy

payment informations

You can pay with bank transfer after each session. 

I understand that mental health care coverage might not always be provided by your insurance, but financial contraints shouldn’t stop you. I am open to conversations about fees, aiming to reach a mutually agreement that considers both your financial circumstances and mine. Let’s work together to find a fair and suitable solution.